Your diet affects every organ in your body – including the vagina. If your diet isn’t
balanced, the body will respond with illnesses and other unwanted reactions. In
the vagina, this may present as a yeast infection.
There are a few foods that can help to keep the pH in your vagina balanced and
keep your vagina healthy. These don’t simply target vaginal health, they help the
whole body. But if you are exhibiting signs of vaginal problems, this is an
indication that action needs to be taken.
The top foods are those that contain probiotics – or good bacteria. The good
bacteria are what keep your vagina from developing multiple infections. Here are
seven of the power foods you should consume for a healthy vagina:

  1. Greek Yogurt – Plain, Greek yogurt contains the good bacteria that your
    vagina needs to stay healthy. These bacteria (probiotics) play a large part of
    regulating moods, keeping your weight at a healthy point and keeping the
    pH level in the vagina balanced.
  2. Fish – Fish such as salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids which promote good
    circulation in the body. A healthy blood flow also helps your sex drive.
    Recent research also indicates that women who have a diet rich in omega-
    3s were much less likely to suffer from endometriosis than those who did
  3. Cranberries – Are renowned for their gynecological health benefits, due to
    their A-type proanthocyanidins content – or PAC. Since cranberry juice is
    high in sugar, many women opt to take cranberry juice pills. One pill equals
    two 8-ounce servings of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps the vagina by
    balancing the pH levels.
  4. Flax Seeds – This natural source of phytoestrogens can help promote
    lubrication of the vagina and keep it healthy. The phytoestrogens also
    increase estrogen levels, important to maintaining a healthy vagina.
  5. Sweet Potatoes – This is one ‘sweet’ that you can gain nutrition from.
    They’re rich in vitamin-A which keeps the vagina healthy by strengthening
    the muscle tissues to develop strong vaginal walls.
  6. Spinach – Rich in magnesium, spinach helps to decrease inflammatory
    blood vessels and improves circulation. A healthy blood flow is good for the
    vagina and also for the sex drive.
  7. Broccoli – Studies recently found that this powerful vegetable can lower the
    risk of ovarian cancer by almost half – an amazing find. Broccoli (along with
    some other veggies) contains flavonoid kaempferol which is instrumental in
    fighting cancers.
    A diet that’s balanced and rich with vitamins and minerals can make a huge
    difference to your overall health – including the vagina. And, don’t forget to drink
    plenty of water. Sufficient water intake is one of the best things you can do for
    your vagina.
    When you drink enough water, you’ll help lubrication and help toxins be released
    in secretions. It also has a big impact on balancing pH levels in the vagina. Also,
    water means water – not soft drinks, milk drinks or coffee. Don’t include these
    when counting your water intake for the day.

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